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paulrockinguitarGold Music Library is a collaboration of producers and composers who have been honing their sounds for years – and it shows in their music. To compliment the thousands of cues in our library we can custom compose any music that your production may need from generic cues to vocals songs (with accompanying stems), to main title themes and cinematic scores. We also pride ourselves on quick turn-around.

We are the music makers… and we are the dreamers of dreams.” – Willy Wonka
The founder of Gold Music Library, Paul “Goldo” Goldowitz, has been a music maker as long as he can remember. Goldo is a hit songwriter, renowned producer, multi-instrumentalist, and a celebrated film and TV composer.

A Los Angeles native, Goldo’s been playing music and working with sound since the second grade, when he took his dad’s reel to reel tape machine and figured out how to make outrageous tape delay explosions on it. This was just the beginning…

After studying Electronic Music production in college, Goldo opened a small studio in Silverlake which led to him being signed to Sony/Immortal Records. He dived into the new world of Pro-Tools, quickly becoming an expert, and produced his Immortal release, “Goldo”, featuring the single, “To All the Lovely Ladies”, which was featured in Doug Liman’s classic rave movie, “Go”. With producer friend Guy Erez, and artist Bernard Bernard, Goldo produced the song “Boom Da Boom”, which became a hit and was featured by Disney on their “House of Mouse” show and was in frequent rotation on radio Disney. Around the same time, Fox TV picked it up as the theme song and used it to introduce their Tuesday night programming: “King of the Hill”, “The Simpsons”, and “Futurama”.

Around the same time, he signed a publishing deal with BMG Music, and began writing songs with many artists and bands, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, who recorded four of his songs, including the hit single, “BareNaked”. He then moved on to become the composer for MTV’s “Jackass”, producing raw pop punk music for their diabolical stunts and pranks.

Goldo became the go-to guy for many TV shows and films. He’s provided music for MTV’s “PUNKd”, “America’s Top Model”, NBC’s “The Ghost Whisperer”, “The Young and the Restless”, “Charmed, and movies like the horror film, “Valentine” and the Lindsay Lohan vehicle, “Just My Luck”. He also wrote the main title cue for “Rad Girls”, a female version of Jackass!

Goldo is currently finishing up the mixing and post production audio on director Ken Roht’s “The Bloody Indulgent”, a vampire musical film (composed and performed by Goldo) starring Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys. Good times!!!

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