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Not Exactly News - show open (Click to play vid!) Goldo has made musical history again...This time by writing and producing the "Not Exactly News" theme song.  This show is a hilarious new comedy... Read more


I've had the pleasure of working with prolific, up and coming artist Barak the rapper. He's got rhymes flowing like water in a tsunami. On this site, we have many great songs featuring Barak's music. Check it out. Here's a "just off the press" music video for "Be Someone". Dig... Read more

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ENTERTAINMENT COMPOSERS Noteworthy musicians enjoy soundtrack-focused careers By Melinda Bargreen   Paul Goldowitz Early piano and guitar lessons paid off for Paul Goldowitz, though he soon figured out some musical “instruments” of his own—creating sound effects... Read more

The Kimberly Trip

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffry (guitarist/vocals/producer) from the Kimberly Trip a few weeks ago at a West Coast Songwriters song screening event. He gave me his latest CD, "Unicorns, Glitter, & Heartbreak" and I immediately loved the music. It's kind of like a mixture of No... Read more

big Sean & Diplo-ascap

A few weeks ago in Hollywood I had the pleasure of going to the annual ASCAP conference.  It was very inspiring and interesting and hectic all at the same time.  I got to meet Diplo (producer of "Paper Planes" by M.I.A.) and Katy Perry for a minute. And... Read more


Last Friday night I had the pleasure of jamming with some old (and new) friends in West Hollywood.  We played some old classics like "Little Wing" (Hendrix) and "Get Back" (Beatles) and created some new classics of our own.  We spontaneously wrote a very... Read more

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